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    Sharon in USA (Sunday, 01 April 2018 18:26)

    We recently adopted our beautiful Cornish Rex kitten, Sonia, from Tatyana, and we could not be happier! She is a rare treasure who has brought immeasurable joy to our household. Her loving, curious and playful personality makes her a wonderful daily companion. She longs to be close to us and pays great attention to my children. Her soft, wavy fur and lithe, graceful form make her a pleasure to observe in both rest and play. She arrived to us healthy and fully housebroken, and exhibits uncanny intelligence for such a tiny creature!

    Tatyana was amazing throughout the process of Sonia's adoption. Communication with her has been excellent, and I am grateful for her advice and support. From our first interaction, I felt very comfortable, and I was confident that all would go well. Tatyana exhibits true love and concern for her kittens, and it is a great pleasure to receive an animal that was raised with gentle care, love and affection. Such an animal is ready to fit right into another loving household! We are adopting a second kitten from Tatyana this month, and we are very excited to greet Sonia's sweet companion, Seymour.

    Thanks you so much for everything, Tatyana! And to anyone interested in adopting Cornish Rex from Tatyana in Russia, it is well worth it (and be aware that cats, unlike dogs, don't require CDC inspection in U.S. customs, so the process does not take long).

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    ISADORA (Tuesday, 12 September 2017 22:48)

    We are the happy parents of Rex Graceful Kleopatra, she is a sweetheart that sunshines our lives by its infinite kindness, its incredible sense of humor, a true remedy against depression! She is also a very affectionate and very sensitive pussy, very intelligent! The first time as I saw her, it was love at first sight. Thank you Tatyana for having entrusted her to us, thank you also for your availability, for having done everything in the rules of the art and to have so well organized the long journey up to us. Your website is very aesthetic and it is always a pleasure to admire your beautiful cats.

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    Елена (Thursday, 07 September 2017 20:41)

    Приобрела в питомнике rex-graceful кошечку шоколадного окраса Кэнди. Это самый лучший и красивый кошачий ребенок! Супер воспитание, лоток на отлично)) очень ласковая и по-собачьи преданная! Большое спасибо Татьяне за такого славного ребенка!)

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    Ilona Vilcina (Thursday, 07 September 2017 02:39)

    Tatyana I am very grateful for Mystery and Gabriel! Both kitties have sweetest Cornish Rex temperament. They been with us little more than a year. No health or behavioral problems! Mystery received her first Agility Award for last Show season and raised 5 healthy kittens. She been amazing Mom! Gabriel also been great Stud- 3 litter Daddy! Also BIG thank you for flying to US and bringing kitties to us!
    Best recommendations about Tatyana as breeder and person! She is very kind, helpful, trustworthy and experienced Cornish Rex Breeder!

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    George TheCornishRex (Wednesday, 06 September 2017 21:43)

    Tatiyana delivered Rex Graceful Caesar to me in the US in 2016. He's a sweetie. He arrived healthy, had all of his shots and was pre-registered with the CFA. He and my other cats have become best buddies. I'm so glad he joined my household! I'd definitely recommend Tatiyana as a breeder.

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    Нина (Wednesday, 06 September 2017 19:14)

    Мы приобрели у Черной Татьяны котика и хочется сказать очень много благодарных слов.
    У нас в семье появился замечательный котенок, умный, активный и конечно же красавчик))). Уже как год он не перестает нас радовать.
    Отдельно хочется сказать спасибо Татьяне, за заботу и консультации по уходу.

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    Michelle Giguere (Wednesday, 06 September 2017 16:34)

    Congratulations on your new website, it is very nice. It is always a pleasure to look at pictures of your beautiful cats!

    I bought a kitten from Tatyana in 2016, Rex Graceful Rose of Rexpertise, and I am very, very pleased with her. She is beautiful and has perfect Cornish Rex temperament. She is very healthy, was DNA tested for genetic diseases and is perfectly healthy and free of all genetic diseases tested. She just gave me a litter of six beautiful healthy kittens and I couldn't ask for a better mother.
    Tatyana is a conscientious, ethical breeder and I highly recommend her to anyone without hesitation.

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    Rex Graceful Cattery (Wednesday, 06 September 2017 09:19)

    Будем рады получить от вас отзывы о нашем питомнике)))

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    Rex Graceful Cattery (Wednesday, 06 September 2017 09:16)

    Welcome! Добро пожаловать!